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I have tried so many templates available online, but this is the most amazing Done-For-you Landing Page I Used. Kudos Team FunnelSwipes! Great Work!

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Suman Nath

FunnelSwipes DFY templates are an absolute game-changer in Funnel Building. Using FunnelSwipes you can easily make min 2.5 lakhs/Month selling Coaching-Funnel as a Service to Coaches & Course Creators

Suman Nath

FunnelSwipes Done-For-You Templates is a Revolutionary Product and will cut down funnel building time & cost straight by 90%. Hours of work are done in minutes. Go for it

Make High Profit Building Landing Pages
For Coaches & Course Creators

Get Lifetime Access To Done-For-You Proven Landing Page & Sales Page Templates With Step By Step Video Training

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In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1


Pick the required template from 10+ Pre-written, pre-designed, proven Landing Page Templates

Step 2


Insert Masterclass, Course details & other details, and easily customize design to match your brand.

Step 1


Voila Your High Converting Sales Funnel page is ready.

Do You Know?

There are Over 250,000+ Course Creators On Major Platforms And Increasing Every Day…

Every single one of them need these landing pages to generate leads & get sales,

But Building Sales Funnel Page Is Not That Easy

You need copywriting, Designing & Web Development Skills To Build Landing Pages

Most Coaches & Course Creators are generally not good at copywriting, designing, or marketing in general, besides they don’t have time, they need to work on their coaching.

You see a BIG OPPORTUNITY there?

A High Converting Sales Funnel Is lifeline Of These coaching businesses But Doing it themselves is almost impossible for them.

They are ready to pay high price to anyone who can build high-converting sales funnel pages that can bring leads & sales.

That’s where you come in!

You can help these coaches & course creators get their sales funnel up & running by building these pages.

And you’ll be smiling your way to the bank.

However, Building & Launching A Sales Funnel Is Not Going to be a child’s play for you too.

Plus, after you do all of this, the Landing Page you built must convert & bring Leads & sales at a low CPL & CPA


Your time & effort in wasted for nothing & you may have to face the client’s disappointment.

So, What’s The Solution?

Build High Converting Funnel Landing Page With Our Proven DONE-FOR-YOU Templates

Proudly Presents


Pre-Written, Pre-Designed, Done-For-You Proven High Converting Landing Pages & Sales Page

Launch Sales Funnel For Coaches & Course Creators
In Just 3 Hours!

Landing Page Copy Templates

Landing Page Design On WordPress

Landing Page Design On Figma

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Battle-Tested Proven High-Converting Copy Template

These copy templates are proven to work in 25+ Niches for 100+ Coaches & Course Creators - Without Fail!

Conversion-Focused Mesmerizing Designs That Catches Attention & Builds Authority Instantly

Just launch your funnel with these designs & customers won’t be able to ignore or forget you

Pull 1000s Of High-Intent Leads & Sales Like A Hover

These templates have proven to generated 100,000+ leads that eventually converted into LAKHS & CRORES in sales for our clients

See How Easy It Is To Build High Converting Landing Pages with Funnel Swipes

"Generated 10,000+ leads For Paid Autowebinar"

I haven’t launched an autowebinar in my life, this was my first time, I was also doubtful if i will be able to generate leads using this page or not, but the funnel Swipes Autowebinar page is so amazing, It gave us over 10,000+ leads & 20 High Ticket New Sales In First Month.

Know Exactly What To Write, Where To Write & How To Write

You don’t have to be a copywriter, marketer, or designer, to Launch funnels. With DCF Kit, It’s So Easy Even A 14 Year Kid Can Do It, There’s Absolute ‘ZERO’ Guesswork

100% Customizable Copy & Design

It’s your funnel, add, remove, customize entire funnel according to your brand & feel.

Access Anytime, Anywhere Using LMS [Lifetime Access]

No need to store anything, you can access all these templates & video training in online Learning Management System.

Step By Step Video Training

Bite size video training module to help you launch your funnel in 5 days even if you’re a complete beginner!

Save 90% Of Your Money

With Funnel swipes you can launch your sales funnel without paying a big team of copywriters, designers so you will save 90% of your cost which you can invest in your business

Works For Any Niche Any Niche You Can Dream Off

And the list continues…


Easiest User Persona Template


DFY Lead Magnet Pages [Copy + Design]

Designed on WordPress & Figma


DFY Free Webinar Pages [Copy + Design]

Designed on WordPress & Figma


DFY Paid Masterclass Pages [Copy + Design]

Designed on WordPress & Figma


DFY Autowebinar Pages [Copy + Design]

Designed on WordPress & Figma


DFY 3-5 Day Workshop/WhatsApp Class Pages [Copy + Design]

Designed on WordPress & Figma


DFY Sales Page [Copy + Design]

Designed on WordPress & Figma


DFY Freelancer Portfolio Page [Copy + Design]

Designed on WordPress & Figma


DFY Agency Appointment Booking Page [Copy + Design]

Designed on WordPress & Figma

It’s The Same Proven Templates That Generated These Results

If you were to get all of these built for yourself,
Each of these templates will cost you a Minimum $200
23 Templates x $200

So Actual Value Of DFY Landing Page Bundle:


Plus You get all these Highly Valuable Bonuses

Bonus 1

50+ Proven Headline & Subheadline Swipe File

Worth $97

Bonus 2

377+ Power Words To Supercharge Your Headline, Subheadline & Copy

Worth $27

Bonus 3

100+ Top Course Creators Landing Page Swipes

Worth $97

Bonus 4

15 DFY Landing Page Graphics

Worth $197

Bonus 5

15+ Stunning Product Mockup Designs

Worth $497

Bonus 6

20+ Colour Paletter For Landing Page Design

Worth $27

Bonus 6

10+ Fonts To Increase Visibility & Conversion

Worth $17

Bonus 7

Bite-Size Video Walkthrough Training

Worth $2

Adding Up All the Bonuses,

Actual Value Of Landing Page Template Bundle: $5,856 [4.5 Lakh INR]

Obviously, We Not Going To Charge You That Much, In fact, you'll be getting the craziest deal we’ve ever offered, if you're ready to buy Today

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"Free Webinar Page Helped Generate Over 84 Lakh In Sales"

I’ve been using this Free Webinar Page for over 6 months and so far it helped me generate 10,000+ Leads & 84 Lakhs+ In Sales. This template is really mind blowing.

"I build my first funnel in 5 hours"

I had never built a Sales Funnel Before. With the instructions in the template, I could easily write the Copy for a free Webinar and put it in a predesigned page. My professional looking page was ready in 5 hours

"Got 1000 Leads For Client’s 3 Day Workshop"

I made a Funnel for a 3 day Worshop for a Client. The landing page was so effective, we were able to generate 1000 leads in a span of 3 days. The Client was really impressed with my work. All thanks to Landing Page Bundle

"Created a list of 1 lakh+ For Stock Market Coach"

With the help of these landing page templates, We’ve been able to build a list of more that 1 lakh subscribers for our client. Client is really happy with the results as those leads are still making him money every month.

"Reduced the Cost Per Lead By Rs. 12"

I loved the power of these landing page templates. They are really High Converting. After we made a new page with this bundle, we were able to reduce the Cost Per Lead by Rs. 12, saving around 5K for our Client’s Ad Spend

"Served 3 Extra clients In Same Month"

With the Landing Page Templates and User Persona Doc, I could complete my week's task in just 6 hours. With this speed and effectiveness I was able to serve 3 extra clients in the same month. Thanks Funnel Swipes

Lets Recap what All You’re Getting In Funnel Swipes DFY Landing Page Bundle

Landing Page Template Bundle
[Design On WordPress & Figma]

Worth $197 Each Template


- Worth $97

- Worth $27

- Worth $97

- Worth $197

- Worth $497

- Worth $27

- Worth $17

- Worth $297

- Worth $297

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Who This Is For?


Course Creators



Funnel Builders

Agency Owners

Graphic Designers

WordPress Designers

Aspiring Course Creators

Job Professionals

Performance Marketers

Email Marketers

FB Ad Makrketers

Video Marketers


Online Entrepreneurs

Got 1000 Leads For Client’s 3 Day Workshop

I made a Funnel for a 3 day Worshop for a Client. The landing page was so effective, we were able to generate 1000 leads in a span of 3 days. The Client was really impressed with my work. All thanks to Landing Page Bundle

Making 50,000+ Per Month Consistently as a freelancer

As a freelancer, I have been using the Done-For-You Landing Page Bundle for my clients and its giving scalable results. I am able to save so much time and focus on onboarding new Clients. I have been consistently making 50,000+ per month thanks to this bundle. I highly recommend it

Increased Productivity

This bundle is a blessing to my startup. I never thought that building funnels would be so easy and cost-effective. This kit has not only increased my productivity but also helped me to generate leads better than ever before. I would definitely recommend everyone to buy this outstanding Landing Page Kit

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General Price: $297

Today Only: $27

Landing Page Template Bundle
[Design On WordPress & Figma]

Worth $197 Each Template


- Worth $97

- Worth $27

- Worth $97

- Worth $197

- Worth $497

- Worth $27

- Worth $17

- Worth $297

- Worth $297

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these editable templates?

Yes, Both landing page design and copy are 100% Customisable & Editable Templates on Google Docs, Figma & WordPress.

Is It Really Possible To Build Sales Funnel Landing Pages In Just 3 Hours?

Not just it is possible our customers has launched multiple landing pages in just 3 Hours using the same Templates, and some of our team members are just interns! We’ve made these templates so easy that even most beginners can build sales funnel landing pages in 6 hours l without any experience.

Will I Get Pre-Designed Landing Pages Or Just Copy For The Landing Page?

You will get Landing Page Copy as well as Landing Page Design on WordPress & Figma, you don’t have to do anything, just fill in the details as instructed and customize the design, & color to match the brand, and your landing page is ready.

What Is The Price Of The Landing Page Templates Bundle?

For today only, you can get entire landing page template bundle for just $27, However this offer expires very soon and the price will return back to it original.

Can I Download All The Files On My Computer?

Absolutely, you can download entire DFY Landing page bundle on our computer, you can also access them anytime, anywhere online on our Learning Portal learn.funnelswipes.com

Who This DFY Landing Page Bundle Is For?

DCF Kit can be used by Freelancers, Copywriters, Marketers, Beginners, Agency Owners, Funnel Designers, Funnel Builders, Coaches & Course Creators to launch Proven High-Converting Sales Funnel in just 24 hours

Does These Templates Works Only For Course Creators?

These templates specially made for coaches and course creator & will work best in online learning industry.
However, The freelancer portfolio page templates and agency appointment template are created for freelancers, agency owners, marketers, copywriters, funnel builders to get new client fast and easily. These are not just a typical template you’ll find online, these are expert crafted, research-backed conversion-driven templates that are proven to generate massive lead & sales on automation.

I am a complete Beginner, is this for me?

Absolutely, infact as a beginner using these landing page templates is the fastest and easiest way to start earning money, and make high income without spending months and years in learning thorough courses and not actually applying.
As a beginner, you'll find these templates extremely easy to use and launch funnels faster than you can imagine.

I Am An Agency Owner, I have inhouse team of copywriters and designers, How this landing page template will help me?

These landing page templates are for experts also & will boost your teams productivity by many folds. Imagine if your team is able to build landing pages in ¼th of the Time, how many more clients you can take, how much your revenue & profits will increase. You can literally double your client base, without hiring a single extra employee.
Moreover your employee will also be happy as it will make their work much easier and fun. You can also use these templates to train you new employees, interns much faster.

Launched Funnel In 3 Hours

I have tried so many templates available online, but this is the most amazing Done-For-you Landing Page I Used. Kudos Team FunnelSwipes! Great Work!

Landing Page Template Bundle

[Designed On WordPress & Figma]

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