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Advantages of working with our writing experts

​​Writing Assistance For Everyone

Choose the level of support you need in writing your book


For authors at any writing stage who want to use constructive criticism to write a bestselling book.

Get useful, structured feedback based on a reader's perspective to ensure your readers love your book. Suitable for Fiction and Non-Fiction books.

₹ 29,990 + GST


For authors who have a rough draft but need help making it better and ready to publish.

We take your original work and make it better while keeping your unique style and main message.

₹ 74,990 + GST


For authors who have a book idea and want an experienced writer to write an impactful book your readers will love.

For authors who have a book idea and want an experienced writer to write an impactful book your readers will love.

₹ 1,00,000 + GST

Frequently Asked Questions

You can select the right service based on the level of support you need from our writing experts.

For example: 

Beta Reading: If you would like us to read your work and provide constructive feedback so you can enhance your book and ensure it resonates well with your readers, you can opt for the Beta Reading service. Most suitable for: Fiction and Non-Fiction books.

Rewriting: If you would like our experts to refine your manuscript through a collaborative process, preserving your unique voice and vision while enhancing readability and appeal for your target readers.

Ghost Writing: If you would like our experienced writers to write your entire book from scratch to create a high-quality, impactful book you can choose our Ghost Writing service. Most suitable for: Non-Fiction books.

Having worked with 40,000+ authors in the last decade we have seen that authors work well with deadlines. Moreover, 95% of authors take less than 200 days to complete their manuscripts.

We understand that sometimes life can get in the way and it’s not always easy to juggle your day job and your passion for writing. You can always extend the validity of your of Beta Reader Program for another 200 days by paying a nominal fee of Rs.7,500/- plus GST.

Yes, you can. Beta Readers read and provide feedback on manuscripts before they are published. Beta readers can help you identify areas of your book that are really working, as well as aspects that are confusing, unclear, or in need of more work so you can fix them before it is published.

Our Ghost Writing program is designed specifically for non-fiction books in the business, self-help, and how-to genres. While we have the expertise and resources to write on a wide range of non-fiction topics, there are some types of non-fiction books that may be outside the scope of our service.

For example, books that rely heavily on personal experience, such as business biographies or travel books, may not be suitable for this program. If you are interested in writing a book of this nature, we recommend discussing your project with us in advance to determine whether we have the resources and expertise to meet your needs.


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